Timber exterior doors - Bester RC3

Leaf thickness

78 mm

Energy efficiency (Ud)

78 mm 1,2 W/m2K




2 years

Transparent Clear lacquer - oak timber

Most frequently chosen RAL colors

* Natural variation in colour from one piece of timber to the next can have a significant influence on the final colour visible through the transparent layer. This variation is to be expected when working with natural products. The palette of colours shown is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot serve as a colour reference. Samples are recommended which can be requested directly or via one of our Sales team.

Colors according to the current colour palette available on 01.10.2017

The Bester collection is addressed to all the people for who safety is the most important thing. Bester doors in 8 models have aesthetic look and provide the best utility properties and above all anti-theft protection in RC3 class. The frame construction is made of oak stiles glued in blocks, both sides covered with oak plywood 4 mm. Panels 72 mm thick made of external layers of oak wood as well as with filling of XPS foam 28 mm provide very good insulation properties. The doorframe made of oak timber with dimensions: 60 x 70 mm covered with deciduous tree plywood 4 mm thick. The doors are usually made in external dimensions 1020 x 2100 mm and are opened inwards or outwards. It is possible to make the doors in other dimensions, 1122 x 2310 mm maximally.


1. Strip lock class c with 5 automatic locking system
2. 6 psc anti-theft bolts fixed in the leaf with clips installed in the frame rebate
3. Anti-theft zone
4. Hinges with screw in pin 4 psc


4. Glass:
Termo and sound insulation package single chamber, two pane
Glazing unit:
40 mm

(a) P5 anti-bulglar
(b) Reflex bronze/graphite
(c) Noble gas


5. Aluminium treshold with gasket
a – Door open inwards
b – Door open outwards


6. Leaf frame profile
Glazing unit and coffers are closed in no-beading system

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