Ponzio Profile - Forte


Profile: 78 mm / No. of chambers: 3
Max glazing thickness: 69mm

Energy efficiency (Uw)

from 0,98 W/m2K

Sound-proofing (Rw)

up to 42 dB


5 years

78 mm system designed for windows and doors with enhanced thermal properties installed in buildings featuring high insulation performance.

The system enables production of windows and single or double-leaf doors with many different threshold solutions.

Flush window on the outside (curved or straight).

Due to a four-chamber design and additional reinforcement elements, the system enables large dimension designs.

Ponzio aluminium Colours

RAL colour palette

Most frequently chosen RAL colors

*The colour palette of timber window, PVC, veneers and aluminium claddings is used for demonstrative purposes only and should not serve as a color reference. Please contact us for physical samples.
Colors according to the current colour palette available on 01.10.2017

In standard:

  • Handle in RAL colours or anodized silver
  • Hinges in RAL colours, white, bronze or anodized silver
  • Safety catch to prevent the handle from being switched into a wrong position

The windows can optionally feature:

  • The handle with the key
  • Triple gasket
  • Window restrictor with the brake
  • Extra gasket in the window sash
  • Floor level window control system (for tilt windows)
  • Air inlets: manual or controlled by pressure or humidity changes
  • Mosquito nets

Triple glazing unit as standard 4/16/4/16/4 (Uw from 0,98 W/m²K).

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