Patio Door - PVC lift and slide

Profile thickness: Termic 70 mm, Warmic 80 mm and Hotic 86 mm

Standard system, squeeze in and integrated with the sash, made of a thermoplastic

Standard colour for PVC windows

Standard veneers

Special veneers

* Ask your local distributor/ sales representative for full colour range and special veneers.

RAL colours

*The natural colour variation of an Individual timber can have a significant effect on the finished appearance of the transparent laquer. The colour palette of timber window, PVC, veneers and aluminium claddings is used for demonstrative purposes only and should not serve as a color reference. Please contact us for physical samples.
Colors according to the current colour palette available on 01.10.2017

Detail of HS patio door

Warmic – white PVC material, veneered or colours in accordance with RAL palette


ccording to several designs of windows; The maximum thickness of the glazing in the balconies:
Warmic – 51 mm
Hotic – 53 mm


Standard system; compatible with anti-burglary fittings

Glazing bars

Structural, Viennese (adhered to window), or internal
Warning ! Viennenise glazing bars (adhered to window) and internal glazing bars may be used only in glazing unit where spacer bar amount to 12 mm minimum for example glazing units 4/12/4 or 4/14/4/14/4

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