Tilt and turn - Cube windows


68 mm - linia silver
78 mm - linia gold
92 mm - linia platinium.

Energy efficiency (Uw)

from 0,58 W/m2K

Sound-proofing (Rw)

up to 47 dB


10 years

Disruptive innovation in a leaf design

Advanced Pro Edge technology allows glazing without the need for glazing beads. Thanks to this, more efficient glazing unit can be used.

Even more light

Both the frame and leaf profile are thinner than the standard system, which allows more daylight into the room. Patented technology of a Cube window gives you up to 10% more light than a traditional timber window.

Peace and quiet

Pro Edge technology enables the use of glass with great acoustic parameters.

Pine timber

Meranti timber

Oak timber

new Unique colours

An individual timber colour has a significant influence on the final stain colour coating. This palette is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot be as a colour reference.

new oiled colours

An individual timber colour has a significant influence on the final stain colour coating. This palette is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot be as a colour reference. Please consult product colour with technical department before production.



* Natural variation in colour from one piece of timber to the next can have a significant influence on the final colour visible through the transparent layer. This variation is to be expected when working with natural products. The palette of colours shown is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot serve as a colour reference. Samples are recommended which can be requested directly or via one of our Sales team.
Colors according to the current colour palette available on 01.10.2017

The suggested colour components of timber windows

ColourType of timberHead drip /beadsWarm edge colour and duplex barsColour of hinges coverColour of silicone
CypressPineRAL 8001RAL 8003Old goldBrown
CypressMeranti, oakRAL 8003RAL 8003Old goldBrown
OakPineRAL 8003RAL 8003Old goldBrown
OakMeranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
Golden oakPine, meranti, oakRAL 8016RAL 8016Old goldBrown
SapeliPine, meranti, oakRAL 8003RAL 8003Old goldBrown
AfromozjaPine, meranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
PalisanderPine, meranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
GrafitPineRAL 8019RAL 9005Old goldBlack
GrafitMeranti, oakRAL 8019RAL 9005Old goldBlack
ClearPineRAL 1002RAL 7035SilverGrey
WengePine, meranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
Profile thickness68 mm78 mm92 mm
Max glazing thickness42 mm52 mm66 mm
Energy efficiencypine Uw  from 0,96 W/m²

meranti Uw  from 0,86 W/m²K

oak Uw  from 1,06 W/m²K

pine Uw  from 0,81 W/m²

meranti Uw  from 0,78 W/m²K

oak Uw  from 0,96 W/m²K

 pine Uw  from 0,76 W/m²

meranti Uw  from 0,58 W/m²K

oak Uw  from 0,86 W/m²K

 Sound-proofing Rw to 44 dB Rw to 44 dB Rw to 47 dB
 Guarantee up to 5 years  up to 5 years  up to 5 years


* Results for Ug = 0,3 glass with warm edge spacer bar: swisspacer ultimate.
Fixed glazing requires the use of Pro Edge glazing bead.

The standard IGU for the Cube windows is: 4/14/4/14/4 triple-glazed unit with an insulating wedge. IGU thickness: 66 mm.


single chamber set (double glazed)



double chamber set (triple glazed)

in standard

Anti-burglary pane 44.4/16/4/16/4


Acoustic panes 44.2/16/6/16/6


Construction options opening forms

Triangular, trapezoid, polygon

Schematic of UP patio doors

Standard furniture:

  • Aluminium handle FKS standard
  • Triple glazing 4/14/4/14/4 with warm edge spacer bar
  • Fittings: micro-ventilation function, adjustable in three planes, foolproof handle mechanism
  • 3 seals in a leaf
  • Hinge covers

Optional furniture:

  • Other type of aluminium handle
  • Different glass than offered in standard version (max 66 mm)
  • Anti-burglary fittings: RC1, RC2, window open sensor
  • Bars: structural, astragal, internal
  • Aluminium cladding
FSC Certificates [2,14 MB]

For orders of 100% FSC® certified products, please identify this information at the time of enquiry thank you in advance.

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