PVC exterior doors - PVC doors

Leaf thickness

86 mm /6

Energy efficiency (Ud)

from 0,76 W/m2K*


5 years

PVC doors, manufactured using Rehau profiles, fit individual needs of every client in terms of their technical characteristics as well as their look.

They are produced using Termic, Warmic or Hotic profiles. Glazed version and decorative infill panel version are available.

Standard colour for PVC Windows

Standard veneers

Colors according to the current colour palette available on 01.10.2017

Standard equipment:
  • three-point key operated espagnolette
  • sets of hinges adjustable in three positions
  • double glazing 4/16/4
  • low threshold of 20 mm height
  • class A insert
  • handle
Extra equipment (available at additional cost):
  • anti-burglary fittings
  • extra lock
  • reed switch
  • automatic 3-point espagnolette
  • BLUEMATIC latch-bolt
  • electric strike
  • door closer
  • a wide range of decorative infill panels

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