Front roller shutters - Roller shutters

  • Made of the highest quality aluminum components, they secure windows against adverse weather conditions. Additionally, they provide security and vandalism protection
  • They improve thermal insulation of window: in the summer they decrease room temperature, in the winter they retain escaping warmth. They increase acoustic insulation.
  • There is a possibility to install a mosquito net integrated within the roller box.
  • Available in a wide range of colours, also in timber effect colours.
  • Wide range of automatic control mechanisms, including solutions for Intelligent Houses.

Classic, commonly used exterior roller shutter also known as front-mounted roller shutter. It is used for existing buildings, which enables installation at a convenient time without prior planning at construction stage. The main advantage of using this standard roller shutter is the ease of installation and maintenance. The roller shutter can be installed onto or into the window reveal. The shape of the front-mounted box depends on individual taste. Semicircular and quadrant boxes are popular choices.

The roller shutter can be installed in the window during building construction or before installation. The installation is relatively fast and simple. The shutter box is mounted to the top of the window by the retro-fit profile. The guide rails are fixed to the window frame by suitable installation screws . The top-mounted roller shutter is an extremely flexible cover solution which completely conceals roller shutter when retracted.

The flush mounted roller shutter is the our new system on the market, which has quickly gained popularity. After being installed into the wall, the box remains invisible just like in the case of the top-mounted roller shutter. Also its maintenance is carried out from the outside. The flush mounted roller shutter is installed after windows are fitted but before thermal insulation of the building. It can be mounted to the building wall but in this case prior planning as to the thickness of the thermal insulation is required depending on the box size as well as the previously prepared notch in the lintel.

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